My name is Margriet Kramer. I'm a small scale potter. Proud mum of 5 (3 grown ups and 2 teenagers still living at home), partner of Coen (a carpenter). We are the happy owners of a farmhouse where you will also find 1 dog, 1 cat and only 1 chicken left (yes, I know, it's sad). I'm Dutch, grew up in the city (Haarlem, near Amsterdam), now living in a rural area in the north of The Netherlands. It's beautiful out here but also cold, windy, rainy and muddy quite frequently. It's a no nonsense, down to earth place as wel as the people who live here. I had to get used to it in the beginning but now appreciating it very much!

I'm a dreamer (for sure)! As much as I love our house and where and how we live our full life, every now and then I find myself musing about a cottage on a hill, a white summerhouse on a Greek island or a hide away in the south of France; how it would be to simplify and decorate the rooms with some vintage findings, olive branches and basic ceramics. Dreams of places in the sun, a long table with loved ones, delicious local sourced food served in beautiful ceramic plates and bowls,  fields of lavender, scents of herbs and wild flowers, mmmh..

So down to earth but with that little dream in my head, I make my ceramics; basic, natural toned with a 'light touch'. It took some time to find my own signature; so much inspiration everywhere: nature in the first place with it's treasures and organic forms! The changing seasons! But also old, quirky, imperfect things which I find at flea markets and thrift stores speak to my imagination! Beautiful makings of other artists are so inspiring! Magazines! City life with its creative people, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam with their hidden alleys and beautiful old buildings! So many things I like, love and admire (check my PINTEREST BOARDS: https://nl.pinterest.com/lukkili/)

As long as I can remember I am creating. Many creative paths I walked (still taking a little side way sometimes; it's in my nature) but nothing really endured. It kind of frustrated me; I wanted to STAY passionate about something..

L u c k i l y (!) in the year of 2007 I discovered clay with its many possibilities. I was hooked! I've attended several art classes in ceramics and after a few years I had the chance to work and cooperate with my teacher and master potter Frans van den Brink, learning even more skills from him during that time. I consider myself a very lucky person to be able to do what I like, such as making ceramics with my own two hands.  Working with clay is really fascinating. You have to be patient because it's quite a long and slow proces. But boy, when you open that kiln after the last firing and everything went well in that immense heat (1240° Celsius / 2264° Fahrenheit), and you hold a piece of ceramics in your hand (after at least 24 hours of cooling down!!) that looks even better than expected; it's such a reward!

Thank you so much for your interest!